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Connect with our engineering design team and get the answers and the solutions for your design project and product development challenges.


Electech’s team of engineers and technologists are here to help you with your design and project ideas and to ensure your complete satisfaction with the outcome.

We work by your side, providing the best solutions for your requirements, from simple ideas at the lowest cost and the quickest time span to the most complex design and development methodologies, and everything in between.

We support all of our Product Development and Design projects from pre-sale to post-sale, with both on-site and off-site Technical Support when necessary so you will never be left stranded!
engineering design development

Electech provides Technical Support and Engineering Design Services, including but not limited to:

  • Design Ideas Consulting
  • Design modifications
  • Design for Testability
  • Design for Repairability
  • Performance and Reliability Tests
  • Design to meet Green Technology Certifications
  • Design for approvals by various registration and Certification Authorities
  • Introduction to Highly Qualified Branding and Marketing firms for the Packaging Design and Consultations

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